Eligibility Criteria For Admission to Examination

On completion of practical experience, records to be signed by the tutor and countersigned by the principal.

  1. A candidate must have minimum of 80% attendance (irrespective of the kind of absence) in theory and practical in each subject for appearing for examination.
  2. A candidate must have 100% attendance in each of the practical areas before the award of completion certificate.
Theory Paper ICommunity Health Nursing75253 Hrs.
Theory Paper II Health Promotion7525  3 Hrs.
Theory Paper IIIPrimary Health care Nursing (Prevention of disease and restoration of health)75253 Hrs.
Practical Paper I Community Health Nursing and Health Promotion 100100  
Practical Paper IIChild Health Nursing100100

Grand Total for First Year 700 marks

Theory and practical Examination at the end of the course

PaperCourseExternal AssessmentInternal
Theory Paper IVChild Health Nursing75253 Hrs.
Theory Paper VMidwifery75253 Hrs.
Theory Paper VIHeath Centre Management75253 Hrs.
Practical IMidwifery100100
Practical IIPrimary Health care Nursing and Heath Centre Management100100
  1. Pass mark for each nursing subject on aggregate will be-50%.
  2. A candidate has to pass in theory and practical exam separately in each of the paper
  3. A candidate has to pass in internal and external exam separately in each of the paper.
  4. Maximum number of attempts permitted for each paper is 3 including first attempt.
  5. A candidate failing in more than one subject will not be promoted to the next year.
  6. No candidate shall be admitted to the second year examination unless the candidate has passed the first year examination.